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Welcome to Gentle Touch Family Dentistry Your "Kid-Friendly"
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The team at Gentle Touch Family Dentistry enjoys providing comprehensive dental care for infants, children and teens in a gentle, fun and family-friendly environment. They love kids, and believe that with good home care and regular dental visits your child can grow up cavity free.

Whether it's your child's first visit to the office, or just a routine check up,they strive to make sure you and your child are always comfortable and informed.  They take the time to talk with parents to help educate you and your child with the knowledge necessary for good oral hygiene. Please use this website to learn more about Gentle Touch, their friendly staff, treatment options, office details and even to request an appointment.

Their talented dentist and friendly staff know how to make your child smile in a fun, encouraging office setting.  Gentle Touch Family Dentistry provides a full range of dental services related to your children's oral health.  When kids grow up having positive experiences with the dentist, they are more likely to continue down a path of good oral health and regular dental visits into adulthood. Dr. Clyde A. Maxwell, Jr.  and staff look forward to helping your family create an early foundation for strong dental health.

This Weeks Oral Health Message to you from Dr. Max:

"Hi this is Dr. Max,

Have you ever heard your child making a loud unusual noise in their sleep that you couldn’t understand?  It could be a common habit of Bruxism better known as “Teeth Grinding.” Children who grind their teeth may also do it during the day, but then of course it is more noticeable. Often the child is not aware that they are grinding their teeth, and for the most part it is believed to be something that the child will grow out of.  However, as parents you should know that there are several things that can contribute to your child developing this habit, such as emotional stress.  Also, if he or she practices poor dietary habits like drinking soda, teeth grinding can accelerate problems such as teeth ware, pain and trouble sleeping. It is also proven that certain medications given to a child who grinds their teeth may create additional problems. If any of this is a concern, please see your dentist for treatment options.

Thank you for visiting our site.  I hope to see you in the office soon!"